Frequently Asked Questions


- Do I have to have a specific complaint or feel unwell to come for a Reflexology session?
Not at all. Reflexology is one way to keep yourself in optimum condition.

- Who should not have Reflexology?
Anyone with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or a contagious illness should not have a Reflexology treatment.

- Will it be painful?
No, it shouldn’t be. If you do feel a slight sensitivity or tenderness in a particular area it may be because there is an imbalance there and usually, by the end of the session it should have cleared, unless it is a long-standing condition.

- How many sessions will I need?
As explained above, any long-standing conditions will need at least 3-4 sessions to start feeling a difference. If you come for Reflexology just to keep yourself in optimum health, then a session every month is fine.

- What will I need to wear?
You can wear anything you find comfortable – all you will need to remove before a treatment will be your footwear including tights/socks.

- What happens when I go for a treatment?
A first treatment could take about an hour and a quarter because I like to talk about your health, past and present, your eating habits and lifestyle, how to deal with stress and any condition that you may have.
The treatment itself lasts about 45 minutes.

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